Sunday, June 12, 2016

From Trees to Lumber, to Goat Barn!

Remember those trees we had cut and trucked to the guy with the mill? (If not you can read that post here.) Well some of it has been milled into lumber already and Don picked a load up in his small trailer and is using it to build the goat barn.

I can't begin to express how wonderful it was to have two hard working helpers working with Don today. The three of them made quick work of getting the rafters up on the goat barn and the tin roof on.  You can see the posts with Don and I starting to build the goat barn Here and Here .

 It's very satisfying to have your own trees milled into lumber

 Don loaded a small load of the green lumber into his little trailer so he could use it on the goat barn. 

Nice stack of lumber so far he has milled about 1,300 ' from our trees and he still has about another 700' to go. 
 Getting those rough sawn rafters up. Those rafters came from trees we milled a couple of years ago. 

 Don and Clora up on the scaffolding. It was really windy today!

 Getting the tin roof on!

 Jim and Clora cutting the tin to size.

Three sets of hands make quick work of a small project like this.

 Putting up the last few pieces of tin.

 And with that they called it a day. don still needs to screw down the ridge cap but they put in a good long day and he was tired.

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