Friday, June 3, 2016

Day Old Chicks in the Ultimate Brooder!

Our chicks arrived today and our over the top, palatial, brooder is working out so well! The chicks seem to love being able to look out the window and to nap in the sunshine that pours in on them. The Sweeter Heaters are working great and everybody is drinking and eating. So all is well in baby chick world. Yesterdays post gave some of the details about how big we built the brooder you can read that post here

At the post office in Putney, Vermont picking up our baby chicks

Getting ready to unpack them into our palatial, light filled brooder with the Sweeter Heaters

Introducing each of the 35 chicks to the bell waterer for their first sip of water. The water is enriched with vitamins, electrolytes and sugar to help them recover from their 3 day journey in the mail.

Checking out their new digs and chowing down on some organic chick stater mash from Green Mountain Feeds

Below are three videos of me getting the chicks settled in. They were quite stirred up and were chirping a lot but I have to say after we got them all settled in I have been really pleased with how quite and contented they have been. So far the Sweeter Heaters are really awesome. The news paper will only be covering the wood shavings for the first day or two to protect their legs and to help them find the food on the floor without eating the shavings. 

The chicks seem to love being able to look out the windows and they sit and watch me move about the house as if I am their television entertainment ;-)

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