Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone near and far a blessed and happy New Year filled with love, laughter, health and prosperity. I am believing for a year of continued healing.


 Guided by Raven, Dragon led the way into the new year, 
all under the watchful eye of the moon.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Winter in Vermont

Days like this remind me of why I love winter in Vermont. Sunny with crisp fresh air, but not too cold, and tons of beautiful snow. The only sound on my walk were a few chickadees, a woodpecker, the "poofhhh" sound of snow falling from evergreens and the haunting call of a distant train on it's way through Westminster to Bellows Falls. I actually got teary for a moment on the way back home for the shear beauty of it all. 

Here are my latest "Fiber in the Forest" photos

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Elves and Snowmen

Use coupon code: "HOLIDAYSALE" to receive discount. 

I  have been having a 30% off holiday sale in my Etsy shop and below is a photo of Don putting a bunch of orders into the mail box. We felt like Christmas elves shipping off all these hand made items to people far and wide. 

Below is a little snowman I stitched with Valdani threads. I took him out in the snow to photograph him for my Fiber in the forest series. 

Some of my little stitched pieces decorating my tree.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Love Letters

I stitched this little heart on top of a piece of cloth with words written in script that I dyed to make it look aged. Hence the title "Love Letters". Not much else to say, low on energy today so just leaving you with photos and some words from poet David Whyte 

"There is a faith in loving fiercely the one who is rightfully yours, especially if you have waited years and especially if part of you never believed you could deserve this loved and beckoning hand held out to you this way." 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Memories Stitched in Thread

 It is a grey November morning and the atmosphere is heavy with fog and mist. I don't think I will get out to take any photos today. Instead I'm content to sit by the fire and stitch fragments of memories into tiny bits of cloth. There is a shiver in my bones today brought on by the damp chill in the air so I think I will put the kettle on the wood stove  and make some tea.

 A solitary star shines bright in November's bleak woods

 I remember the Christmas trees on the green in the town where I grew up. My Dad, and after his death my Step Father, along with the Methodist Men's group would put up and decorate the trees. Traveling  home one night, from some long ago forgotten event, I remember seeing the illuminated trees under the full moon. There was magic in the air, a palpable sense of the Sacred and some ancient connection stirred in my young soul.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Holiday Sale in My Etsy Shop


Use coupon code: "HOLIDAYSALE" to receive discount

I have been going through my studio and adding things to my Etsy shop for a big holiday sale. There are a few Devore velvet scarves, some hand dyed silk ties, some crocheted neck purses for carrying cell phones or eye glasses etc... and of course there are lots of my Limited Edition Prints of my paintings on silk.   Click this link to go to my shop:   Link to My Etsy Shop

After the holidays I am thinking of radically redoing my shop and possibly only selling my hand dyed and stitched items there so the limited edition prints may no longer be available after New Years.  We'll see, still pondering.

Remember to use the coupon code: HOLIDAYSALE

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hand Stitched "WIld" Turkey

I wasn't feeling well on Thanksgiving so I didn't cook  a huge meal but I did cook an organic turkey breast that was raised on a Vermont farm. While the real bird was in the oven I stitched up this "Wild" Turkey. Wasn't sure where I was going with it when I started out but I had fun with it. He was created using a mixture of eco dyed, commercial and repurposed fabric.  

Yesterday I signed up for Jude Hill's  "Patchwork Beasts" online class. I have been taking her "Spirit Cloth 101" class and loving it. It will be fun to see where that leads me. You can view her classes on her website: http://spiritcloth.typepad.com

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you that read all this stuff I post out there in the cyber world. I am very grateful for your comments and messages, support and sharing!

This morning while the "Real" turkey was baking I did some stitching on my "Wild" turkey.
He's a work in progress ;-)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Random Acts of Art, Gratitude, & Fiber in the Forest

Gratitude is a "Random Act of Art" that I wrapped up and hid in the waiting room of my Dr's office. The fabric was left over cotton and silk from pieces I had dyed in the past with Mx and French dyes. The thread is hand dyed Valdani thread. Before I wrapped it up I took it into the woods to photograph as part of my Fiber in the Forest series.

The best part of the day was when I got a Random Act of Kindness sent to me in the mail!!! It was a package of stimulation pads for my T.E.N.S pain management unit. My insurance co is no longer paying for them and I had posted on Facebook how bummed out I was about that. A friend that I went to high school with over 30 years ago sent me a package with a bunch of them in it. Happy dance ;-)

Above is the "Gratitude" piece all wrapped up and hidden at the Dr.'s office for someone to find.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Practicing Gratitude in November's Woods

The last few weeks have been tough health-wise so I have really been trying to practice being grateful. As a matter of fact Don and I  are doing the Mentors Chanel "21 days of Gratitude" and it's really helping. I have not been sleeping well again so I  been doing a lot of sitting and resting during the day and I feel very grateful that I have my little stitching projects to keep my creative energy flowing during these energetic lulls. I try to get out into the woods everyday and last week that was difficult because of the fatigue. Yesterday I managed a short but much enjoyed walk and today I walked a bit farther and enjoyed the brisk air and sunshine immensely! So with camera and my latest little Eco dyed & stitched piece in hand I hit the woods to photograph "November Hearts" for my "Fiber in the Forest" series.

Here are the latest Fiber in the Forest photos for you to see, Dear reader, whoever you are. I often wonder if anyone is really out there or if I am just typing to myself, which is strangely OK with me ;-)

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Grass! Photos for Creative Inspiration

Here are some more photos for creative inspiration 
Sunlight on tall strands of winter grass and cattails.