Sunday, June 19, 2016

Nothing "Easy" About Setting This Pool

You know those seasonal easy to set up pools? Well we bought one, had it delivered and many days of hard work later we finally have the site prepped to put the thing up. Combine the fact that we have very sloped ledgy land and my hubby being the King of overdoing a project it was a ton of work. :-)

 First he decides to build a stone retaining wall for the fill. Sounds lovely!

 So every night after work he gathers stones and builds the wall. 
Ember is supervising in the background. 

 I think she likes the stonewall but we haven't told her that we are going 
to have to move her doghouse yet.

 The pool was delivered 

 The crew moving Ember's dog house

 Bringing in the fill

 More stone work

 Adding a ring of topsoil over the fill. 

 Bringing in the sand for under the pool

 Layers of fill, topsoil and sand bing leveled out

 More leveling using a laser level. Again, Ember is supervising.

 Watering down all the layers to help pack them down

 The lay of the land and the fence make it look unloved but he assures me that it is level

Next step is to get the pool laid out on the sandy area and then set it up.

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  1. Don is amazing. So nice to see that you are now enjoying the pool. Hope it helps Don's bum shoulder.