Sunday, May 22, 2016

Building the Goat Barn Day 2

Today was the second day working on the goat barn. Neither of us felt that great and because it was raining I was having a bit of a pain flare up so we were both moving more slowly than yesterday. We had some young helpers stop buy for a few minutes and Lukas got to try out Don's power tools. That was a big hit! 
 Working on the bracing for the footing

 Great team work! Until I slipped and hit his finger. Oh yes I did lol

 Screwing off the bracing for the girder and footing

Feeling a bit under the weather but giving it a go anyway

 The boss man inspecting the girder and footing

 After all the puzzle pieces are joined

 Screwing through the rim joist to the braces

 Those screws are 50 cents a piece!

 Shaving down a board with the skill saw

 Doubling up the girder

 The work crew for day 2 arrived just before lunch,  Lukas and his sister AnnaB

 Lukas got right to work with the power tools. Hey, wait, I thought that was MY job!!

 Katie and the kiddos checking out the project. 

One floor joist set and then it was lunch time.

After lunch Don laid down on the couch with Toshi. Then his brother, Niko, climbed into my lap and put on his cutest "Cuddle me" face. How could we possibly go back out in the rain to work after that???

We did end up heading back over after lunch but we definitely felt off. I hope we're not getting the stomach bug that has been going around. We got the floor joists nailed off but when it came to lugging the floor boards down from the barn loft and cutting them we just didn't have the energy so we called it a day. Hopefully we will both feel better tomorrow.

Bye for now :-)

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