Thursday, June 16, 2016

Goat Barn Looking Fabulous! Bottling Kombucha

The goat barn is almost finished! We had two great helpers for a few days, Clora and Jim. What a huge difference it makes when Don has folks to help him move things along. 

 I am no longer needing crutches and am getting around quite well. The Dr said 6 to 8 weeks but I feel much improved in half that time. Still quite painful in my back but the ankle is not nearly as painful as it was and it continues to improve daily. I start Physical Therapy with a new therapist tomorrow. I though it might be good to try a different PT place to see if I make a little more progress on building strength. 

 He thinks he's a goat and is bleating out the window :-D

 Me celebrating the near completion of the goat barn

 Don working on something in the main barn

 Looks great. I thinks the goats will be very happy.

I bottled up a batch of my Kombucha this morning. For the second ferment I did a few different flavor combinations.
Ginger, hibiscus, raspberry
Ginger, hibiscus, cranberry
Ginger, hibiscus, blueberry
Ginger, peach, mango
Ginger cherry

The hibiscus will lend a beautiful red color by the end of the day. The jar on the left was filled back up with sweet tea after I took the photo. The bottle on the right  is my SCOBY hotel where I store my extra SCOBY's. I will feed some of them to the chickens and compost some of them.I always save a couple for back ups incase something goes wrong with the main batch.

At the end of the day the bottles with the berries and hibiscus were already turning a lovely shade of red. I will let it second ferment foe about a week. To prevent any bottles exploding I burp the bottles everyday during the second ferment. Cheers!

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