Saturday, May 21, 2016

Getting Started on the Small Goat Barn

Today Don and I started working on the small goat shelter that will attach to our barn. We are getting excited to get our girls. The footings are dug and poured, the rim joists are up. We are both exhausted and my back is screaming at me but we are very happy with what we accomplished today. We make a good team. He is the forman and I am his laborer. I hold boards for him, screw off boards, grab things he needs and read the level etc. He has a strong back and I don't anymore, so he does all the heavy stuff.  I'm going to limp upstsirs for a hot soak in an Epsom salt bath but before I do here are some photos of what we accomplished today. 

Screwing off the supports for the rim joist

 Watch it! I am armed with power tools!

Screwing off the last one!

Don digging down so he can pour the footing directly on the ledge. 
There is a reason they call our road "Old Ledge Road"

Don had to use a hammer drill to put some pins into the ledge for the footings. 

Is Don holding up the shovel or is it holding him up? :-)

Our Collie Ember was wandering around supervising the project

Setting the tubes and filling them with cement

 Getting the rim joists up

The level in this photo belonged to Don's Dad, as did the hammer we were both using today. I think his Dad would have approved of our project

 Screwing off the rim joists

There will be a girder running down the center from where Don is standing to the barn. 

Box of nails

The puppies came for a visit first thing in the morning before we got started.

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