Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Pool is Up & Filled!!!!

Remember the mammoth task of bringing in fill, topsoil, and sand, building a stone retaining wall and leveling the ground for our pool? If not you can see that post here:  Prepping the Ground For the Pool Well I just finished filling the pool today and we started hooking up the filter and saltwater system this afternoon but called it quits around 6:00 for dinner. Hoping to get it all running so we can add the salt tomorrow.

 I really love the stone work Don did. The pool kind of looks like a blimp in this photo LOL

 We planted some grass seed around 3 sides of the pool. We chipped the branches from those large pines we took down and put the chips between the fence and the pool. 

 Cant wait to go for a swim! The water needs to warm up though before I am brave enough to jump in ;-)

As you can see in this photo, Ember chose to ignore the fact that the ropes were there to keep her off the newly planted grass seed.

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