Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Crossing the Desert Part 4: Whispers of the Heart

Crossing the Desert Part 4: Whispers of the Heart

Her Journey Concludes

On the fourth night of her journey she was still searching for direction so she stilled herself, looked up at the moons in the dark sky and meditated. In the early pre-dawn hours, after listening to the whispers of her heart, she left the security of the East-West road she'd been traveling on these many days and nights. In the days that followed she traveled on a different path, one that was etched with an ancient script that reveled itself in her heart as the truth she she had been  seeking.

As she traveled onward her wolf companion sang his mysterious songs and she felt a sense of calmness and knowing washing over her. That night, the final night of her journey, a bright crescent moon glimmered on the face of the pyramid that stood before her and it illuminated a doorway below. The shining, silver glow from the moon guided her to the door of what she now realized was her home. She had come full circle. As she stood on the threshold, ready to enter,  her wolf companion continued on, glancing back at her only once to let out a soft, sweet howl that caused her heart to ache slightly.  She gave him a knowing nod of her head, for although she understood that her journey was complete, his was only beginning and he needed to travel on. She watched, as he headed towards the distant forest, until he disappeared from her sight. Then she turned and unlocked the door to her future. You see, the Truth, it appears, was within her all along.

The End 
(at least for now ;-)

If you missed the beginning of the story you will find part one here: Part One

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Please Help My Sister & Her Husband David in their Fight Against Cancer

Like so many of us, Cindy and David Hill, worked hard for what they have. They raised their 2 children in a small house in the country and they both worked fulltime jobs, rarely if ever missing a day of work. Things were always tight but Cindy was gifted in the ways of stretching a dollar so they got by and they were happy.

In 1996 when Rachel was 10 and Davey 17 Cindy had a terrifying Grand Mal seizure. She was rushed to the hospital by ambulance where Doctors discovered that she had a rare congenital defect called Arteriovenous malformations (AVMs). She underwent brain surgery to repair the vascular abnormality and had a metal plate put in her scull.  She continued to have seizures for a year but they are now controlled with medication. The medical bills from her surgery were staggering and insurance only paid for a portion. Two years later she had an emergency ovariectomy and they accumulated even more medical bills. Then in 2008 she had a medically necessary complete hysterectomy. They were swamped during these years by the medical bills and loss of work income from her surgeries and recovery. Through all of this they never asked for help. They had to refinance their home multiple times to get out from under the medical bills, after all they had kids to raise bills to pay and they were just grateful to have their health, home and each other.

In 2009, a year after Cindy’s hysterectomy, they received the devastating news that David had lung cancer. He was being treated for pneumonia when they discovered the cancer. David underwent surgery and they took 1/2 of his lung out to remove the cancer. In order to pay off another round of incomprehensible medical bills they exhausted all of their meager assets including David’s retirement fund. With nothing left to “Cash in” and no equity left to borrow on the house, David went back to work as a tractor-trailer jockey immediately. He worked out on the pavement in the heat, wet and cold elements everyday, never able to rest his body and allow it the time it needed to heal from the cancer and surgery. Five years later, in 2013, they were still paying off those medical bills when they received a catastrophic blow.

In December of 2013 David was extremely ill with bronchitis. He tried to “Work through it”  because he couldn’t afford to take time off, but he was too sick. When he went to the Dr. they did x-rays and on December 24th,, Christmas Eve, they discovered another mass on his chest X-ray. To make matters worse this new mass was in David’s good lung. The day after Christmas David went in for a CT scan followed by a lung biopsy. During the lung biopsy something went wrong and David's airway collapsed, he could no longer breathe on his own. He was immediately intubated and put on a ventilator in ICU. He remained in ICU on the ventilator, heavily sedated and unable to communicate with his family for 3 days after which they were told he now had cancer in his good lung and airways. Once he was able to breathe on his own again they had David undergo a brain scan, pet scan, and many consults with specialists followed by more tests. Now he is home on oxygen, a mountain of medications and home treatments and going back to the hospital daily for radiation and Chemotherapy. 

Although Cindy still works full time, the daycare school she worked at for many years as a teacher closed last year and she lost her teaching job. She now works in the infant room at a daycare making much less money than she did teaching. David is no longer able to work and it will take 6 to 8 months before he will begin receiving Social Security Disability. David was the main money earner for the household so that loss of income is catastrophic for the family. The cost of the medications and medical supplies is staggering. Just to name a few of the medications he is on; he now needs insulin, so they needed to buy syringes, blood sugar meter and other diabetic supplies, a nebulizer breathing machine, inhalers, steroids, pain meds, anti nausea meds, acid reflux meds, cholesterol meds etc....

David has great trouble breathing and difficulty getting around. He is also in a lot of pain and is suffering bouts of depression. Their son Davey has moved back in with them and is currently not working so that he can care for his Dad during the day while the rest of the family is at work. Davey drives David to the hospital for his daily radiation and chemo treatments and stays with him to comfort him at the hospital. David can no longer sleep lying down because of the difficulty he has breathing so Davey sleeps on the couch so he can listen to his Dad’s breathing during the night in case he needs a breathing treatment.

Their Daughter and young Grand Daughter also live with them sharing a room together in the tiny house. Rachel helps out with the chores but she is working full time and supporting her daughter so she cannot help as much financially as she would like to.

Cindy and David need your financial help. They are working with a social worker but that all takes months to get in place and still it will not cover all of the medical costs and their living expenses until the SSD kicks in. They need money to pay the mortgage, keep the heat and power bills paid. They need help with groceries, gas, prescriptions and more. Please donate generously to this hardworking family and hold your own family a little closer today.

Thank You and May God Richly Bless You,

The Family and Friends of Cindy and David Hill

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Crossing the Desert Part 3: Out of the fog

Crossing the Desert Part 3: Out of the Fog

The story, and her journey continues 

On the 3rd night of her journey as the day's heat gave way to the cold night air a dense fog descended upon the desert. The fog surrounded her like a veil, and just as the ancient mists of Avalon held many secrets, she felt that there was some mystery here in the desert that would soon be revealed to her. The strange and haunting sound she'd been hearing across the desert each night had been drawing closer to her all evening.

Only able to see the ground directly in front of her because of the fog, and lost in thought, she pressed slowly on.  She was thinking to herself about how lonely and tired she was and how she longed for some companionship on her journey. She was abruptly jolted out of her trance by the sound, it was right in front of her now and it sounded almost like singing. Suddenly a warm wind parted the fog and there, in front of her,  stood the most beautiful wolf she had ever seen. He was looking off towards the ancient pyramids howling in what sounded like both a crying and a singing voice. The strange thing was that somewhere deep within her she thought she recognized and even perhaps understood this haunting language he spoke.

Now that she and this "Singer of songs" had finally been united she felt the clarity of vision return to her Journey. She was filled with gratitude for the companionship and clarity he brought her.  As the sun dawned and the fog lifted she and the singing wolf turned, heading for the ancient pyramid off in the distance. 

To be continued as more is reveled to me through the Divinity of needle and thread......

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Crossing the Desert Part 2, The Story Continues

Crossing the Desert Part 2: "River of Living Waters"

The story, and her journey continues 

As the second night of her journey across the desert revealed itself she had become parched by the harsh heat, blistering sands and the thirsty desert air. Many a soul would have grown faint and would have been overcome by the arduousness of the journey but she was not defeated, for along her journey she was sustained by a river of living waters that flowed deep within her. 

 The brilliant moons, comets and stars that filled the sky were pulsating and dancing above her. They were emitting  a strange electrical vibration that filled the atmosphere with a mysterious energy. It was that energy that drew her on, that and a strange, haunting sound she heard calling across the distant desert. 

To be continued as more is reveled to me through the Divinity of needle and thread......

Both part 1 and part 2 of her story are now on my blog....can you guess what the haunting sound she keeps hearing in the distant desert is???? It is revealing itself in cloth and stitch today and will be posted tomorrow. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Crossing the Desert, It Seems A Story is Being Told

Crossing the Desert Part 1

It seems a story is being told with the current piece I am working on. It is called "Crossing the Desert" and it is definitely speaking as it comes into being....

First there was a road in the desert, it ran from East to West, or was it West to East .... I can't be sure now. This desert road was etched deeply into the dry, sun-scorched desert sands and it had remained vacant for a great many moons..... 

 One day the ghostly apparition of a woman began rising up out of the desert sands and there she stood for an entire day.  No one knows for sure why she stood in that one place for so long, perhaps she was resting from her assent, as she rose up from below the dense and heavy desert sands. The story goes on to tell us that the day after she appeared she began walking on the road that connected the East to the West....

The desert people say that she had the fire of the sun coming out of her head. Wild curls, the color of glowing embers, that danced in the hot desert winds like the flames of some ancient sacred fire....

So it came to be, under a sky filled with mysterious stars, comets and planets that the ghostly apparition of a woman rose up out of the desert sands. She stood completely still for a full day and night, then began walking on a path that lead both Eastward and Westward. She followed this path past great and ancient pyramids, where perhaps her ancestors once dwelled, and she walked on, faithful to the calling she had received, to cross the desert......
But something was calling in the distance.....can you hear it???? 

To be continued as more is reveled to me through the Divinity of needle and thread......