Thursday, June 30, 2016

Collie in the Henhouse

 I have been bringing Ember to the barn to visit the chicks and to teach her to have good manners around them. You can see her herding instinct kick in as they move about. My hope is that she will  get used to them early on so she won't nuisance bark when she sees them out free-ranging. Today she came with me and watched while I gave the chicks some bananas for a treat. The chicks are almost all feathered out and are growing so fast. The will be 4 weeks old on July 1st. We are hoping to get started on their outdoor run this weekend.

Below is a short video of Ember in the Henhouse:

 Banana treats for the chickens. So far bananas are their all time favorite!

 My favorite little chicken whisperer stopped by the other day to visit the chicks. She is moving and I am so sad that she won't be living across the road anymore :-(

A quiet spot to sit in the barn while visiting the chicks and soon the goats too!

Can't sit and rest too long with this guy though! He is like the Energizer bunny.  We need to get the chicken run and goat fencing up. We spent last Sunday running around Walpole and Keene getting fencing and supplies. Once the goat fence is up we can bring the goats home!

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