Wednesday, September 27, 2017

I am painting on silk again!

Hey there! After a many year hiatus from silk painting due to health issues I am absolutely thrilled to finally be back in my studio creating silk scarves, ties and paintings on silk. Check out my new updated links below and drop me a comment to say hello. I am very happy to be back!

My Etsy Shop

My New Website

I am also very active on my Facebook Studio page and you can follow me there using this link:

I am not sure how active I will be on this blog but I wanted to at least post these updated links.

Here are some recent photos from the studio

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Barnyard Love 💗

 Lots of love being spread around the barnyard these days. 
Seems the political turmoil of the day doesn't mean much to these wonderful creatures.  💗💗💗

 Don's daughter, Lori communing with Scarlet, Bee and Rudy the rooster. 

 We brought in a Boer buck to breed our does

We called this little shelter the "Love Hut" while the buck was here with the girls 

 Bee and Scarlet have both been bred now and are growing their babies 
under the watchful eye of Rudy Rooster

 Meanwhile an unexpected love affair has developed between out barn cat, Mouzer, and Rudy Rooster

 The chickens are happy to get out in the fresh air on sunny days and they are laying lots of beautiful eggs for us.

The egg below on the left was a triple yolker. I had never seen an egg with 3 yolks before. 

Breaking open the triple yolker!

Packing our eggs to deliver to a local restaurant