Monday, February 28, 2011

"Celebration" iPad Digital Painting

Off to the Dr in a few minutes so I am just going to get the photo of my most recent digital iPad painting uploaded for now. It is called "Celebration" Fox kits nurse while mom catches a ride on sister turtles back. Father wolf sings to the moon in celebration of life. Even the fish join in the celebration as they glide among the sea plants.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mother, Child and Angel Painting...Loss of a Child

Well I have been sick on top of sick so this post will be short. The child that sat beside me last Sunday in church was hacking away with a wet yucky cough and of course not covering her mouth. With my immune system being what it is I appeared to catch her cold which has turned into bronchitis and stirred up my restrictive airway disease. Then we got dumped on with another blizzard. UGH! I am so ready for spring.

The imagery that came through this time felt like it had a specific message for someone that lost a child. I had uncomfortable moments while working on it because I sensed a great deal of grief but I allowed it to flow out unedited and this is how it turned out. The painting style is not really my own, it felt foreign to me and that also made me slightly uncomfortable throughout the process.

It could be viewed as if the angle was delivering the child to the mother but that was not the message I felt as I was painting it. So if you have lost a child and this painting speaks to you it is my prayer that you find this image healing and that you are able to receive its message in light and love.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Secrets of the Universe, 3 digital paintings in one!

I did 3 digital paintings and combined them into one for the secrets of the universe painting. The first painting I did  was the one of the universe, the second was the woman and the third was the background sky and clouds. Fatigue was really high over the last week so this one too a long time to complete.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Her Tapestry Unwinding and Remaining Grateful During Setbacks

"Her Tapestry Unwinding" and is the latest in my "Healing Visions" series of digital paintings.I have been having a pretty major setback for the last week, pain has increased, fatigue is so intense that even painting digitally is to taxing at times yet I also have so much to be grateful for. I feel extremely grateful that I have found a way to keep creating despite being to ill to paint on silk right now. Creating the Healing Visions paintings has been a Godsend for me.

 A friend sent me this video the other day and this young man's emotional speech rang so true with me I wanted to share it. It's not the pain, fatigue or even the loss of independence & friendships that breaks us. It's the slow devastation of our minds, the erosion of our personalities & our cognitive abilities. Neuro Lyme attacks every system in our bodies & that is devistating, but the war it wages on our brains slowly steals our sense of self, & that's unbearable. Lyme destroys the Mind Video

There is also another video that is so full of interesting and hopeful info I wanted to share that one as well. 10 Alzheimers brains from the Yale brain bank were tested for Lyme, 7 of the 10 brains had Lyme DNA. People with MS, Parkinsons, Lou Gerigs and Alzheimers are recovering when treated for Lyme

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Two More Paintings in My Healing Visions Series

My "Healing Visions" series of paintings was born out of my having to take a break from painting on silk for health reasons. After having my photo taken to John of God in Brazil  I started having these powerful images come through me as I sketched in my sketchbook and I intuitively felt that they were very healing. I was desperate to paint them, however, because of my illness I lacked the strength or energy to paint them in the traditional manner. After being brought before John of God I discovered that I could paint digitally on my iPad and I was totally blown away by the quality of work that can be created using only my fingertips or rounded stylus to "paint" on the iPad surface.

I consider it a huge blessing that I can finally paint these healing visions and share them with others. I also have a feeling that these images do not just belong to me and that they could be very healing for others as well. I pray these healing images bless you, I will continue to post more as they are completed.

Here are the latest 2 paintings in my "Healing Visions" series.

Farewell, The Journey Begins

Enlightened Birth

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yay! Healing Visions Greeting Cards (and more)

Yay, Greeting cards! My Healing Visions series of paintings is now available online at Fine Art America as greeting cards and more. You can also purchase them as stretched canvas prints, framed prints, greeting cards or just the print themselves.

Take a look; Link to my Art on Fine Art America

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Healing Visions Series, Close Ups

Here are some close up photos of the latest iPad finger painting in the Healing Visions Series. Prnts of all the paintings are available on Etsy. My Etsy Shop

Enlarge Photos by clicking on them

Monday, February 7, 2011

Another Painting in the Healing Visions Series

Here is another painting in my Healing Visions series and just as with the 3 paintings pictured in the previous post this too was painted using only my finger tips on my iPad.

Prints of these paintings are available in my Etsy shop and this one will be added either today or tomorrow.  Link to my Etsy Shop

Click image to enlarge

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Artist as Shaman, Painting Healing Visions

This blog post is way overdue, I have been so sick that I could not even find the energy to blog or visit Facebook until a few days ago. Finding ways to remain creative despite chronic illness and disability have been challenging but I am grateful that pathways to the creative process seem to keep presenting themselves to me. After my illness forced me to close my studio I became very depressed and missed the creative process desperately. The fatigue that goes along with this illness is so disabling that I spend my days sitting in a recliner in the living room with short trips out to doctors appointments and short shopping trips to the grocery store with my husband and even then I often need to use a wheel chair, walker or cane to get around the store. I am too tired to read and cant seem to stay engaged in a movie on TV and sadly no one visits other than one friend that tries to get by for her lunch break once or twice a month (Which I treasure!).

My heart is so full of gratitude for Don, my wonderful husband. The high point of my day is when he comes home from work. I adore spending time with him and he now does all the cleaning, laundry, dishes and chores that I used to do so he is an indispensable aide to me remaining independent in my own home. Recently he has relapsed and has restarted treatment for his Neuro Lyme which has been making him feel crummy but he has a very strong immune system and has responded very well to treatment in the past so I know he will far well. My Mom is moving down here from Central Vermont and she is going to help me out with some of the household chores but she is in her 70's and has her own health issues so I don't want to burden her with too much.

So along with feeling horrible day in and day out I was getting really lonely and I was really missing working in the studio and painting. I tried crocheting little medicine bags and for a week or so and I put them in my Etsy shop; My Etsy Shop Link. That was great and stimulated my creativity but it just wasn't expressive enough and soon I grew really tired of it and it also hurt my hands too much. So I started sketching in my sketchbook again and despite the pain it caused in my hands, some really powerful imagery began to flow through me. I was dying to paint some of these images and even tried to get out some oil paints in the studio and set up a canvas but I just did not have the strength to be up long enough to paint.

I have been working with some powerful healers and was very recently blessed with the opportunity to have my photograph brought to John of God. A very special person actually went to Brazil and stood in line and presented my photo (and Don's) to John of God for healing. She was given  prescriptions for both of us and we will be receiving them as soon as she gets back. Within days of our photos being presented to John of God I discovered that I can paint digitally on my iPad! I was totally blown away by the quality of work that can be created using only my fingertips to"paint" on the iPad surface. No messy paints or fumes, no brushes to clean, it is such a gift to someone so tired and battle weary yet needs to create!!!!! Anyway I consider it a huge blessing that I can finally paint these powerful images that are coming through me as I intuitively feel that the are very healing. They remind me of the work I did with my dear friend Susan who is a shaman in Central Vermont and who I miss dearly since we moved down here!

So here are the first 3 paintings, there are many more drawings to paint but energy levels make it a slow process. I currently am putting my medical visits on my credit card and since I am no longer working the balance is rising into the thousands very quickly. So I have decided to put prints of these digital paintings in my Etsy shop, just the print, no mat or shrink-wrap for $16.00 each to help raise money for our medical bills until Don's work picks up again in the Spring. I also have a feeling that these images do not just belong to me and that they could be very healing for others as well. I had hoped to list them today but I am out of energy for today so perhaps in the next few says I will get them listed.Until then you can contact me through my Etsy shop if you are interested in any of them.My Etsy Shop Link

More will be coming as soon as I am able to paint them. Pray for a lifting of the fatigue so that I can continue to allow this creative energy to flow through me. I would also love to hear your impressions of them. I hope these healing images bless you!