Thursday, April 7, 2011

Images Continue to Flow, Healing Energy From John of God

 Seems to be a lot of "Dark night of the Soul" themes in my paintings these days but it's all good because I sense the dawn is drawing close. I have been filled with this electric pulse lately that is stirring something very deep in me. I feel it might be related to the John of God healing process I am undergoing. I am currently taking the prescription that was made up for me in Brazil when my photo was given to John of God. This current that I feel is a strange sort of energy that feels like an omen of change, I feel that I am on the precipice of a very big change. I am also becoming more open as a sensitive and this all leaves me feeling a bit raw and unprotected at times so I often ground my self throughout the day with healing prayers and mantras. I feel blessed and grateful that these images and art continue to flow through me.

I had a nasty virus with a fever of nearly 103 and could not even work on my digital paintings for a few days.  But yesterday it finally started to lift and I was able to finish up some of the work I had started pre-virus.

Night Above the Forest

Beyond Night's Borders

 Storms over Avalon

A Silent Place