Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Look Who's Getting Their Feathers!

The baby chicks are growing like weeds and their wing feathers are coming in. They are so stinking cute! They love the new perch Don built them and they love gazing out the window into the woods. I can't say how happy I have been with using the Sweeter Heaters instead of heat lamps. Between the heaters and using the clear sided brooder we built these have been the most contented chicks we have ever seen.  I have been bringing them handfuls of grass and clover each day and they go crazy for it.

The goat barn is just about completed but I will save those photos for tomorrows blog post. For today it's all about the chicks :-)

 You lookin at me?

 Admiring her pretty new feathers

 Look at those lovely wing feathers coming in!

 Taking a nap on the new roost

 Hello there!

 Looking out the window at that big old world out there. 

 I love the markings on this one

 Practicing balance on the mini roost Don made for them.

 A "Free Range" treat log. Yummy!

 Sleepy babies

Some cute chick antics caught on video

Another video of the chicks after I gave them some grass. Crazy time!

Bye for now!

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