Thursday, June 23, 2016

Moving the Chicks From Brooder to Coop

Don has been working furiously over the last few weeks to complete the goat barn and get part of it ready for the chickens. Yesterday evening it was done and we moved the chicks into their new digs. Poor Don was so exhausted he literally looked like he was going to drop. They chicks are very happy in their new home and they still have their 2 Sweeter Heaters to cuddle up to at night so they can stay toasty warm.  We gave them all sorts of treats like watermelon, grass and dirt to celebrate their graduation from the brooder ;-)

The first video shows Don and Clora releasing the chicks into the coop

The second video shows the chicks checking out their new digs. They were absolutely thrilled with all that extra space.

 This is what a chicken party looks like

 Enjoying a nice dust bath before settling down and going to sleep

 Gathering at the dinner table

 Checking out the roosts

 Noshing on watermelon

Checking out their new roosts

Poor Don could barely stand up he was so tired. He has been working WAY too hard lately. 

 Well there is it the little goat/chicken addition onto the barn. Now we just need to put up the fencing and then we can get our doe and doeling Boer goats. 

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