Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Antique Crosley Sink Hooked up in My Studio!!!

We bought an antique Crosley sink at ReNew for my studio but the facuet no longer worked and we couldn't get parts. So Don had to modify the Crosley faucet so that we could put a Delta facuet on it. Very creative that hubby of mine!

The faucet before adapting it

After Don adapted it to accept a Delta faucet

Ok, now that that's done we are off to the Putney Farmers Market to buy some fresh veggies!

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Playing with Setasilk dye paints

Don is still in the process of hooking up the plumbing in my new studio and the 220 outlet is not hooked up for my steamer sooo..... I am limited in what I can create. I pulled out some Setasilk paints I had and started to experiment with them. They are a lot of fun to play with, they are more opaque than French dyes so you can do some layering which is fun and they work with antidiffusants for watercolor style painting. They dry really fast so you have to work a lot quicker than I am used to and they are dull  and lack the luster that French dyes leave silk with. But they are vibrant and all and all they were fun to experiment with.

The rooster was for an old high school friend of mine that had knee surgery and was having a challenging time during her recovery. She is a lover of all things chicken so I painted the rooster to cheer her up.  When displayed on a white surface the colors are very vivid and strong but when displayed in the window on a bright sunny day (see rooster below) it looked a little washed out. The photo of the ladybug and dandelion in the window was taken on a rainy day so the colors were not washed out by the intense sunlight.

The silk hoops and the Setasilk paints were purchased from Dharma Trading

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tree Spirits, Hawk, & A Raven's Nest

 Every time I walk in the woods I stumble across these fascinating "Tree Spirits" so I though I would share some photos of them here

 This burl looked like an owl to me

Boooo!!!! Ghostly looking face in this tree.

 A Broad Winged Hawk outside my window

 There is a raven's nest on the far end perched on the rock wall

 Raven's nest with young ravens