Monday, May 30, 2016

Bringing Our Logs to the Mill

The log truck showed up an hour early this morning in the pouring rain. He got here at 7:00 instead of 8:00 so the photos are not great because I just I grabbed my crutches and cell phone to take photos with. I didn't have time to get the big camera out. 

 First he grabbed the small pile of new logs by the house.

 He was a really nice guy, he even sorted out the hardwood we will cut for firewood into one pile and grabbed the brush from over the bank where the chicken run is going to go and moved in up by the shed. That will make things so much easier for us when we build the coop and run for the chickens.

All done under the watchful eye of Don ;-)

 Then he headed over to the barn where we had two piles of logs that didn't get milled up last time the mill was here. Don and I are so happy to get those piles of logs out of the barn dooryard.

  We wanted to get some "blue stain" on these logs so we let them sit for a season. Blue stain is a fungus that colors the wood with a pretty blue grey color and we really like the variation in color it leaves on the lumber.

 This is the company that trucked the logs for us. This guy was great, I would highly recommend him!

 Last couple of small logs getting stacked on the truck.

 The trucker was following Don to the guys house that has the mill. 

When these logs come back they will be lumber! Very satisfying. 

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