Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Slow Pace of a January Day

I am still struggling with intense fatigue and poor Don is struggling with a root canal from hell. We are both moving rather slowly these cold January days as the weather aggravates our Lyme eroded joints and magnifies our fatigue. Today I am catching up on downloading photos and Don is resting on the couch waiting for the second Vicodin to kick in and ease his tooth pain.

Beacuse of my sloth-like energy levels I have not made a lot of progress on my shaman painting. I did manage to work on his face a bit more and I am getting rather attached to the old fellow. I enjoy having his eyes follow me around the studio and I am looking forward to my next remission when I can dive right in and finish him up.

Don and I went on a couple of walks during the gorgeous January weather we were having and I took some photos of the double bridge leading to NH and a pretty little waterfall.


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