Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!!!!

Shared the Eve of 2010 with a wonderful and creative group of people! We held a ceremony where we burned the things we wish to leave behind as we welcomed what we wanted to manifest in the New Year.

Before the party last night I had spent the day laying out the under-painting on my self-portrait. I chose to go with the grey/green color to do the under painting. Since I was pretty clueless as to how one goes about doing an under painting I pretty much just laid in exaggerated shadows. The next layer is supposed to be the dead layer but since I think I kind of combined the dead layer in to my first layer I may move onto the first color layer when the first layer dries. I way overworked the paint but I learned a lot about oils with this learning experience and so far I am in love with the oils. They are soooo…. much more forgiving than the dyes on silk, the ways you can manipulate the paint are endless. Much easier to move quickly and to get fully absorbed in your work than it is with silk painting.

I need to get a better easel because after working on my cheep easel all day I had a terrible neck and back ache and it remains painful today. Don and I are going to try and do some rearranging in my studio today to make more storage room and to have things more accessable. If we can make enough room I may invest in a large wooden H easel.

The grey/green undercoating make her look a little queezy but the color layer will bring her back to life (I hope!)

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