Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Healing Sleep & Wailing in Haiti

I have been needing lots of sleep these days, maybe the healing process accelerates during rest and my body instinctively knows that. I went up to bed at 5:00 the last two evenings, briefly got up again for an hour or two and then went back to bed. I also slept quite late in the morning. Even took a nap yesterday. Still, I do not regret increasing the meds so close together, winter is a good time for this kind of deep healing and hibernation and I am believing for remission and wellness in spring!

I have not had much energy for dragging out, or cleaning up paints or dyes in the studio so I have been pixel pushing, working on a image called “Spirit Bird” on and off for the last week as I teach myself about layers in PS. I also took out some ancient pastels that I had stashed away in the studio and did a sketch called “Wailing in Haiti”. This image came to me very clearly after watching some news footage of Haiti on a CBS video pod. The news broadcaster was standing in front of the wreckage of a building and it was a jumble of black and white lines, some bent and broken, some missing and others converging in the distance. Then they flashed photos of the sobbing, wailing, injured and frightened people. Anyway I did this sketch quickly as a release and did not fuss with it at all.

This morning I am going to pay bills and later depending on my energy levels I am either going to do some work with oils or if energy still eludes me I will do some more pixel pushing as I continue to teach myself the process of creating digital art.

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