Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Murky Depths

Yesterday I said I felt like I was at low tide and today I feel like I have sunk to the murky depths. I worked on the painting all day yesterday and my pain level ended up getting so bad I had to stop. It has been escalating for a couple of days and I am sure it is from increasing the meds again. I had a horrible night last tight and my anxiety level is also at an all time high (which has also happed when I have increased the meds before). So for now I need to stop working and rest my body until this Herxheimer reaction from increasing the meds calms down a bit.

Today I am going to do my mediation practice and some gentle yoga stretches to see if that helps settle things a bit. If things don’t calm down in a few days I will decrease the medications again.

I will post a photo of the face since that is all I really worked on yesterday.

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