Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fierce Grace

Watched the Ram Das movie "Fierce Grace" yesterday and was inspired to tears. Lots of healing cleansing tears, what a gift. Grace landed that movie in my lap exactly when I needed to see it. I came away with the timely lesson that suffering comes when you try to hold onto continuity and although pain is a worthy adversary to the spiritual practice, today I choose not to struggle against, but to be present as a witness for whatever this day brings.

I tried working on the painting a little today but my pain level is just too high. I managed to enlarge and reshape the eyes and mouth a little but did not get very far. In the next day or two as things improve I may start on some smaller projects until this relapse subsides, at least if I am involved in a small project I wont be as tempted to keep going back to the painting and flaring my pain up again.

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