Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Raven by the Brook

Day three of the increased meds and I am really feeling the higher pain and fatigue level so I don’t have much wisdom for today. I did manage to create a nice little digital painting with a proud looking raven in it. I created a pebbly brook and a scattering of leaves and twigs on the bank. It reminds me of the brook that ran by my house when I was growing up. I may try to repeat this one with dyes on silk at some point when I am feeling better.

I fought with the front paper load mechanism on my EPSON for what seemed like an hour today trying to get it to take Inkpress’s canvas paper with no luck. I followed exactly what it said in the owner’s manual and then threes everything else but I just cannot get the canvas paper to feed. I am wondering if I attached it to another sheet of less flexible paper if that would do the trick? Let me know if you have any wisdom on this subject.

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  1. Beautiful - I can never get enough of raven pics!