Sunday, May 22, 2016

Building the Goat Barn Day 2

Today was the second day working on the goat barn. Neither of us felt that great and because it was raining I was having a bit of a pain flare up so we were both moving more slowly than yesterday. We had some young helpers stop buy for a few minutes and Lukas got to try out Don's power tools. That was a big hit! 
 Working on the bracing for the footing

 Great team work! Until I slipped and hit his finger. Oh yes I did lol

 Screwing off the bracing for the girder and footing

Feeling a bit under the weather but giving it a go anyway

 The boss man inspecting the girder and footing

 After all the puzzle pieces are joined

 Screwing through the rim joist to the braces

 Those screws are 50 cents a piece!

 Shaving down a board with the skill saw

 Doubling up the girder

 The work crew for day 2 arrived just before lunch,  Lukas and his sister AnnaB

 Lukas got right to work with the power tools. Hey, wait, I thought that was MY job!!

 Katie and the kiddos checking out the project. 

One floor joist set and then it was lunch time.

After lunch Don laid down on the couch with Toshi. Then his brother, Niko, climbed into my lap and put on his cutest "Cuddle me" face. How could we possibly go back out in the rain to work after that???

We did end up heading back over after lunch but we definitely felt off. I hope we're not getting the stomach bug that has been going around. We got the floor joists nailed off but when it came to lugging the floor boards down from the barn loft and cutting them we just didn't have the energy so we called it a day. Hopefully we will both feel better tomorrow.

Bye for now :-)

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Getting Started on the Small Goat Barn

Today Don and I started working on the small goat shelter that will attach to our barn. We are getting excited to get our girls. The footings are dug and poured, the rim joists are up. We are both exhausted and my back is screaming at me but we are very happy with what we accomplished today. We make a good team. He is the forman and I am his laborer. I hold boards for him, screw off boards, grab things he needs and read the level etc. He has a strong back and I don't anymore, so he does all the heavy stuff.  I'm going to limp upstsirs for a hot soak in an Epsom salt bath but before I do here are some photos of what we accomplished today. 

Screwing off the supports for the rim joist

 Watch it! I am armed with power tools!

Screwing off the last one!

Don digging down so he can pour the footing directly on the ledge. 
There is a reason they call our road "Old Ledge Road"

Don had to use a hammer drill to put some pins into the ledge for the footings. 

Is Don holding up the shovel or is it holding him up? :-)

Our Collie Ember was wandering around supervising the project

Setting the tubes and filling them with cement

 Getting the rim joists up

The level in this photo belonged to Don's Dad, as did the hammer we were both using today. I think his Dad would have approved of our project

 Screwing off the rim joists

There will be a girder running down the center from where Don is standing to the barn. 

Box of nails

The puppies came for a visit first thing in the morning before we got started.

Friday, May 20, 2016

The Best Laid Plans: Compost Happens

 This month has been so perfectly reminiscent of how things came to pass on our homestead in the Northeast Kingdom in the 1990's that you just have to laugh and go with the flow or it will make you crazy. We have 35 day old chicks coming in a couple of weeks along with 2 Boer goats, a doe and her doeling, waiting to be delivered and we don't have the shelters ready for any of them. This is partly due to the fact that the logging that was supposed to be done back in February to clear a couple of acres for the chickens and goats still has not come to fruition and it is nearly the end of May. Now 3 loggers and many promises later we believe we have a logging company coming in June. Fingers and toes crossed. Because of the delays we will have to build a goat shelter and pasture area where the garden was supposed to go and move the goats to the cleared area in the fall. There are actually some unforeseen benefits to doing it this was so all is well that ends well.

Today we had planned to get started on the goat shelter but we found out this morning that we can get someone to come in this Monday to cut some of the huge pines that are in the way for where we want to build the chicken coop. So that meant we had to move the log splitter, the lumber pile for the coop and the cold compost pile. We decided to combine some of the old compost pile with some new green material in one of those compost tumblers. I had a plan for this great 3 bay compost system that I wanted Don to build but we just have too much on our plates so we bought a tumbler for now. Maybe I can get him to build the 3 bay one this winter when things slow down a bit. We have had some foxes, raccoons and even a bear  (as seen on the trail cam) check out the pile of mulch hay and miscellaneous compost materials so we really needed to get it under cover.

 Don started moving the old pile by hand then decided to get the tractor. 

 I was gathering up the old mulch hay to add to the tumbler. 

 Don decided the whole thing would go faster with the tractor and he was right. It did :-)

 Then he dragged the log splitter out of the way of the trees that will be felled on Monday.
Last year he cut a hole in the bucket of the tractor and installed a hitch so he can tow things
like the splitter with the bucket. Pretty smart!

 Then he worked on cleaning up the area where the large pines would be dropped 
(Still no work getting done on the goat barn LOL)

 I worked on tying the raspberry canes into a V shape to let in air and light. 
Then we applied mulch and compost to the raspberries and blueberries. 

As for the goat barn, well.... tomorrow is another day ;-)

Friday, February 12, 2016

Saints & Strangers We Meet Along the Way

So often I say these journal spreads are works in progress but then I move on to something else. Sometimes I go back in to them and add more and sometimes I don't. For right now anyway this one feels like it is a work in progress, even though I may just leave it for a while.

Saints & Strangers We Meet Along the Way