Monday, January 4, 2010

Low Tide

I feel like I am at low tide today, lots of fatigue and pain. I was supposed to increase my Lyme meds back in November but I wanted to wait until January so that I would not be having a dye off reaction and feel sick for the holidays. I finally increased them a few days ago and let's just say I am very glad I waited! My Fatigue has come crashing back and I feel pretty crappy but it's all part of the healing journey, even the dreaded Herxheimer reactions!!

Went to church yesterday and shopping afterwards, by the time I got back here I was way to fatigued to go into the studio to do any work. I brought up the idea of doing a Full Moon Creativity Circle with a friend at church and she liked the idea so I think I will try to get a small group together and we will do some soulful creative exploration each month on the full moon.

Shaman's Journey Dyes on Silk

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  1. Wow! This silk painting is really something! much detail and controll Suggestion if I might...when the pain is excalating, try something free form with the paint on paper...paint through the pain or paint the pain...only 1 letter different. Just a thought that came up as I read. Take care of yourself Linda.