Sunday, January 28, 2018

Video Tutorial With Tips and Tricks On Steaming Silk

I made a video showing the process I use for steaming Dupont French dyes in a horizontal steamer. So many people tell me that they are afraid to move away from using heat set silk -paints to using steam set dyes because of the steaming process. I remember how nervous I was during my first steaming using my homemade stove pipe steamer. But I can assure you it really is not that complicated and once you learn the basics you will be steaming like a pro. I have both a vertical bullet steamer and a stainless steel horizontal steamer and I have to say I love the horizontal one the best for it's no-fuss ease, reliable results, and quicker steaming times. It is also substantially less expensive than the bullet steamer. I bought my steamer about 20 years ago through Dharma Trading and they still sell them today. 

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