Monday, January 22, 2018

Free Painting Video Inspired by Misty Mawn's Workshop

I'm posting 2 more time lapse videos of one of the paintings I did for Misty Mawn's Immigrant Portraits workshop. If you aren't familiar with Misty's work you really should check her out. She gives these amazing online workshops that are so creatively stimulating. Especially for those times you find yourself in a bit of a creative block. Misty will be releasing another workshop very soon so be sure to follow her website: Misty Mawn Art  She is also on Instagram: Misty on Instagram

The thing I like most about Misty's classes is how loosely she interprets her inspiration piece. In the end it will always be clear that it is her painting and not a copy of someones else work. I have learned a lot about loosening up and expressive painting from her and I'm working on integrating those expressive qualities into my work more and more. I find I enjoy expressive painting much more these days and I feel very draw to many of the 20th century artists. As a matter of fact I have some news about that coming up soon but for now let's talk about immigrants.

There is a website with some interesting info about the immigrants that came through Ellis Island between 1892 and 1854. There are lots of amazing portraits on the website and you may just find yourself inspired to do some further research on them or perhaps even paint your own series of immigrant portraits! I'd love to hear from you if you do! Here is the link to the website. I hope you enjoy looking at all of these fascinating people. I know I did and I even painted a few of them which was such a great experience.  Public Domain Review Portraits of Ellis Island Immigrants

Here are the videos in 2 parts of me working on one of my Immigrant Portraits. I hope you enjoy them. I would be grateful if you left a comment letting me know your thoughts and clicked on the thumbs up on YouTube if you like them.

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