Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Quaking Universe, for Our Brothers and Sisters in Japan

I have a slipped disk in my neck with a pinched nerve and for the last four days it has been growing increasingly painful. Today the Chiropractor worked on it and it was very painful. I am a little worried that all digital painting I have been doing on my iPad may be making it worse. So the sensible thing would be to take a break from making these paintings but I am afraid I am quite addicted to the process and the healing that comes with it for me. So anyway here are some variations on my latest crow paintings.

The painting titled Quaking Universe is of course in honor of our brothers and sisters in Japan and the devastation they are currently facing. May they feel held and safe within the energy of light and love we are all sending them. Hold them in your hearts for healing every day.
Quaking Universe, in honor of Japan

 Clarity of Vision

Conjuring the North Wind

Crow Bathed in Moon Light

 Fire and Ice


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