Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bestselling Author Offers Me a ARC of Her Book on Lyme, Memorial Painting of Pip and George

Someone sent me a letter saying that their family absolutely will not support them in their battle with NeuroLyme. The family will not even ask them how they are or acknowledged that they have the disease. I think its very sad but also a very common experience for people with Lyme. We have only 3 members of our entire family that support us in our battle with this disease. Makes me realize how important sites like Facebook are for people struggling under the weight of chronic illness. Sometimes it is the online "friends" that end up being a life line for those that are struggling with illness and pain everyday. 

On a lighter note the bestselling novelist Brandilyn Collins contacted me today and offered to give me an Advanced Readers Copy (ARC) of her new Lyme novel because of all the work I have done for the Lyme community through LAAP. "Her book deals with Lyme disease, in a way that will make your jaw drop." says CLDA. Check out this video about the book. A Lyme sufferers dream of revenge on the medical community ;~) Link to Video

A friend of my lost her beloved 16 year old dachshund the other day. This is the second one she has lost this year so I did a painting on my iPad from a photo of her 2 dogs as a gift for her. So sad that we have such a short time with our fur babies.

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