Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Layers of Destruction Honoring Japan witrh Art

I created "Layers of Destruction" with many layers of my Fire and Ice painting and laid them on top of each other staggering each layer and placing it slightly off center from the layer below. I then took these stacks and joined them together in another layer flipping some of the stacks as I pieced them together.

My experience while creating this digital painting was the astounding volume of loss that the Japanese are experiencing. Loss of  loved ones, friends, family, pets, home, jobs, businesses, sense of place and self, the landscape around them, clean water and food supplies, and on and on it goes, layer after layer. So much pain and loss is hard to fathom. I have created a few paintings based on the Japan tragedy as my way of sending them love and healing energy. 

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Layers of Destruction

 Fire and Ice

Quaking Universe

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