Friday, February 6, 2015

John of God & Wayne Dyer

There were 1600 people that traveled to Omega from all over the world to see John of God in 2011 
When Don & I saw John of God, the Brazilian trance medium, in person a few years ago I received tremendous spiritual healing as well as a massive reduction in my pain levels (I never used a wheelchair again). My husband experienced a miraculous physical healing at that time and his issues has never returned over the last few years.

Wayne Dyer was there at the same time we were and he got up on stage and told us his testimony of how John of God had healed him of leukemia. I was star struck because I adore Wayne Dyer and here he was confirming that God was in fact working through John of God to heal people.

Some people do receive immediate miraculous healing from seeing John of God, as my husband did,  but most people receive healing in layers, like peeling away the layers of an onion. For some the illness is so entrenched in the body, mind and spirit that it would be too traumatic to have it torn away all at once. This is why it often needs to be tenderly addressed over time, one layer at  a time. As the body rests into each new level of healing the person becomes ready to release the next layer of illness.

I already have confirmation that I am being surrounded by healing energy. A dear friend on the opposite coast tried to do a Reiki session on me last night and she saw me surrounded  "by a bright, white light". She relayed this vision to me even before she knew what was going on with John of God.

The photos of Don and I have arrived safely in Brazil today and were brought before John of God by a friend of ours. I am opening my heart to whatever gifts God sees fit to bestow upon us over the next few months while we are connected to this sacred healing current. When our friend returns next week we will be given the blessed herbs and blessed water that was prescribed for us when our photos were viewed by John of God when he was in a trance. We will take these herbs daily and allow the process to unfold over the next few months. Only time will tell if that includes physical healing for me, but I am reminded that there are many levels of healing and I will accept whatever is given with a grateful heart.

Here is a link to an article Wayne Dyer wrote about his healing experience with John of God:

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