Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February Art Daily

I joined the gang again this year for the February Art Daily group on Facebook. It is set up differently this year, making it a little more confusing to post and it's not as easy to just stop by and  browse through the artwork. But I love the idea of motivating each other to get in our studios and create each day.

For day one I posted the little woven piece I blogged about in my prior blog post. I will post my creations for day 2 and day 3 below.

Tomorrow it may be tricky for me to post anything for day 4. I have another appointment with the Otolaryngologist in Brattleboro followed by a Chronic Lyme support group some distance to the north, in Westminster.  My fatigue has been so crushing lately that I am not sure I will have any energy left by the time I get home to head into the studio to do a painting, photograph it and upload it to the group. I am going to try though. 

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