Sunday, March 11, 2012

Win A Free Year of Ads on TAFA!!!!

The wonderful new TAFA (Textile and Fiber Arts List) website is up, visit to see the amazing fiber offerings by members...and have the opportunity to win a free ad! TAFA Website

 Do you have an online business?  Well, then maybe TAFA can help you out. TAFA's stunning new website site was launched on January 16 of this year. Since then TAFA's members have been busy getting their member profiles up on the site.  There are over 400 members and each one brings in new talent and a new story to make the site more interesting and vibrant. There is an incredible variety of work on display making it one of the most inspiring Textile and Fiber Art websites out there.   It truly is a wonderful group! Check out all this amazing fiber and textile art on the TAFA site and enter to win a free years worth of advertising on the site! TAFA Website Sponsers Page

While you are exploring the amazing website I would love it if you visited my TAFA profile at this link: Linda Marcille TAFA Profile

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  1. Thanks for posting this, Linda! I see some traffic coming over to the site, so it's working! I'll get your blog posted on our hubs, too.