Thursday, March 15, 2012

Burning Stencils for Monoprints

My husband came home yesterday, walked into my studio and cheerfully said "You look nice. It's good to see you in the studio again". Well to fully appreciate the humor of this you have to have the scene laid out for you a bit. The studio table was filled to capacity with the monoprints, paints, texture items, mylar sheets, bits of burned mylar and stencils that I had burned. I was in the process of burning stencils and I had a huge really ugly, dusty pink, fleecy, studio shirt on and a gas mask on my face. My hair was completely matted down from the straps of the gas mask. I looked up at him sure that he was being sarcastic and realized he was serious! Gotta love, love, love that man!!!!!! Only the eyes of his heart could have seen beauty in me at that moment. ;~)

Burning Stencils with a gas mask to protect myself from the smoke

Burning out circles on a stencil it is not the most pleasant job, think I am going to try cutting out the next batch and see which method is easier
The burned out bits can be used as a resist stencil when printing
End of the day cleaning up my mess a bit before making dinner

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