Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Thickened Dyes, Very Veggie and Wild Flowers

Spent yesterday in the studio painting silk scarves with thickened French dyes. I am loving working with these thickened dyes, it is so different from working with the tradidional gutta resist and liquid dyes. Has a much more painterly feel to it. I love the "Very Veggie" scarf! It is wet in these photos so it lightened up a bit when it dried. Can't wait to see how it turns out after steaming.  Today I will add color to the leaves, flowers and bees on the "Wild Flowers" scarf. Here are some photos of what I am working on.

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The dyes are still wet in this photo so the background looks darker that it actually is. 
Adding the background color to the Wild Flowers scarf

The Very Veggie scarf drying

The Very Veggie scarf while still wet. Background color will dry lighter than it looks here

Going to paint in the flowers, bees and leaves in on this one today

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