Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Exploring Neutrals With Thickened Dyes on Silk

I have started to explore painting neutrals with thickened dyes on silk. The trick to me is getting the feeling of texture and depth which can be tricky on silk . The photos below show the silk before it has been steamed, while it is still stiff and paper-like because of the alginate print paste on it. This texture will go away after the silk is steamed and rinsed so I wanted to be sure and capture it in a photo.
I just LOVE how the afternoon sun was streaming into the studio catching these pieces of coated silk in the light. What wonderful texture they have. The lovely paper-like texture is from the alginate print paste. This will was out after steaming and the silk will be soft and flowing again

Close up of the stiffened silk sitting in the afternoon sun. It reminds me of an ancient manuscript

Hanging on the line waiting to be steamed

Getting them all gathered together so I can roll them up for steaming

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