Saturday, March 3, 2012

Karmic Gift via USPS, Deconstructed Screen Printing

Yesterday was a roller coaster day. Don had a customer threaten to fire him, via email none the less, because he wasn't willing to lie about something. Her point of view was that she didn't care what was morally or ethically right or wrong she wanted money.  OK, well, Don happens to care very much about what is right or wrong and even if it means losing a job and losing money he is not going to lie. That episode left us feeling really crummy, I mean really crummy all day. It is winter, work is slow for both of us, my medical bills have been crushing us and we are being forced to make a really tough decision about cutting back on my medical care. Still we believe in doing what is right so we stand with our decision.

Late in the afternoon yesterday Don stepped out on the porch to get the mail and there was a shoe box addressed to me. He jokingly said "Look someone sent you some shoes". I couldn't for the life of me think what it was and then I saw the return address. It was from Lori, the high school friend that I had done the silk painting for recently. I opened the box and at first glance there was a card and a wrapped gift. I unwrapped the gift and it was a bottle of Agave (which we LOVE and is made in her home town) and a card. As I lifted the agave out of the box I realized that the whole box was full of colored plastic bags for my plastic bag crochet projects!!!!! Don and I both yelped with delight, "Colored plastic bags!", which by the way are hard to come by. So we are standing there with what my friend Lori would call "Big ass smiles" on our faces and Don is grabbing the camera taking photos of the plastic bags and the Agave syrup. Then I opened the card and we were both blown away. Lori had enclosed a check for $135.00 to cover the shipping and to cover the cost of the painting running larger than I had originally thought. I had told her that I in no way expected her to pay more because of the large size but she was moved to send it anyway. Well I do believe that my friend, being the enlightened yogi that she is, was divinely guided to send us a blessing at that very moment when we needed it most. The job Don lost may have been worth more dollars but that package we got in the mail was beyond value.....I'll take the colored plastic bags, Agave syrup and blessing check, all packed and sent in love, every day of the week over money earned by dishonesty!
Thanks Lori, Namaste <3

Ok Now back to the Screen printing. Here are some shots from the studio yesterday. The screens are set up for deconstructed printing and are dying in the photos. The cloth pinned to the table is in process and still wet in the photos.


  1. Fantastic story!

  2. Ha! Well, I'm not sure how enlightened I am, I'm just glad you didn't mind all the dog hair that came with the plastic bags! Am meeting with a framer today. Love and light to you and Don. xx