Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Our Eggs at Putney General Store!

Today we delivered 7 dozen of our eggs to the Putney General Store in Putney, Vermont. Our hens are free-ranged in the woods in good weather and they are fed a 100% organic diet. We are very happy to have been given such a wonderful reception to offering our eggs for sale at this local store.

Don carrying in the box with 7 dozen eggs.

Save your plastic egg cartons for us! We will reuse them with our eggs.  PM me and I will give you an address you can mail them too. The plastic ones work well because the old labels can be easily removed so that we can put our info on them. 

Beth modeling our eggs so elegantly before she puts them in the cooler ;-)


  1. very cool. love the General Store entrance too. great egg model!

    1. It is an iconic local store. Burned twice and the towns people rebuilt it. I will share you complement with Beth, the egg model LOL