Saturday, December 6, 2014

Dying A Good Death

About six months ago I told my favorite Dr, (she is also a medical intuitive), that I had a vision and that in the vision I was looking around my house as if I was not really there in the physical realm. It felt as if I was hovering between the physical and the spiritual realms. I heard my voice, (mentally not audibly), say, "This place looks just like her. I can see her in everything about this place." The "Her" being me. This Dr and I had been talking a lot about dying over the past months and what my life might look like towards the end due to this illness. I asked her what she thought the vision meant and she replied, "Maybe you are drawing closer to leaving, maybe you are on that path." 

I guess the truth is that we are all drawing closer to the time we will leave and we are all traveling on "That path". For some it will be a long journey and for some the trail will be much shorter. In the end don't think it matters much either way to the one that moves on. It is those left behind that suffer and grieve the loss. I think what is more important is to die a good death. When I did hospice work I saw many people die that way. They did their work, on both the physical and spiritual plains. Loose ends were neatly tied, goodbyes were said and they were ready to leave their pain wracked bodies and the illnesses of this world behind.  Not everyone gets the chance to leave with such preparedness, for some it is abrupt, unexpected, or violent. As a sensitive it has been my experience that sometimes those souls get frightened or lost for a while but with prayers and guidance we can help direct them to the light. 

So this painting came through me over the last 2 days and it makes me think of a soul in-between the dark and the light. This soul clearly sees, and is heading towards, the light.  She has done her work and is ready to move on. All is as it should be and a true healing is taking place. A healing so complete it is not possible to attain here.  I hope when my time comes I have completed  my work and that I die a good death. When I die is of much less importance to me. 

My Dr survived breast cancer last year and now it is back. She is no longer practicing, at least for now. She is focusing on her own healing and life. I wonder if she is drawing closer to leaving, if she is on on that path. I miss her.