Sunday, August 12, 2012

Day of Rest

Tomorrow we begin clearing the house site on the land and I am wicked sick, I am believing I will feel much better tomorrow but for today I am down for the count, just hanging out reading and watching Roku.  After a short shopping trip to the food co-op I realized I was useless and sent Don off to do the rest of the errands on his own. He bought a new compass at Sam's in downtown Brattleboro so we can fine tune the position of the house tomorrow to maximize solar gain. We also need to calculate the overhangs for summer shade.  He also had to run to Home Depot in Keene to pick up a power panel or something like that, because someone from the power co. is meeting us at the land tomorrow.

Because I have been feeling so lousy we have not been up to the land since the closing so tomorrow should be lots of fun. I have been having a horrible Herxheimer reaction since I restarted antibiotics for the Lyme so I cut the abx does in half today thinking that might help me to feel better tomorrow. Don is getting the RV all gassed up so we can drive that up to the land for me to rest in when I get tired. That will be a huge help. Once we have a clearing and the driveway roughed in we will be camping out up there quite a bit I imagine.

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