Monday, June 18, 2012

Hanging by a Thread

Lots of stuff hanging by a thread theses days. We are still trying to pull this real estate deal together but it has gotten very complicated. We need to head up to the property with an engineer and excavator to see if we can do another round of perc tests with hopefully better results. We met a couple of the neighbors that were so friendly and helpful and seemed like a people we would really enjoy a friendship with. The other challenge is that the new medication has not produced the hoped for change so I need to go in for another ultrasound and possibly a surgical procedure. Then there are the multitude of other mundane challenges that most of us face in our lives.

 All of it leads up to a lot of stress and I find I am constantly needing to pull my mind back into a state of meditative concentration to keep the "monkey mind" at bay. Using the words  "I Am That, I Am", as taught in the Moses Code and Wishes Fulfilled, I draw my mind back over and over again, away from the imagined fears, worries and dreamt up disasters to a state of balance and oneness with God. It brings me to the place where there is no illness, pain or stress. Just a peaceful sense of being at one with all that is. For the brief moments that I am able to enter into this state it is easy to feel loved by the Divine, to let go of results and it becomes easy to send that love out into the world to everyone, even those presenting you with challenges.

Ascending to Nirvana

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