Saturday, December 11, 2010

Five More Sketchbook Project Page Spreads

Picture of Health

Seeds of Healing

Was it You?

Was it you I saw like a brilliant flash in the sunrise?
Was that rainbow formed by your radiant smile?
Have you been here throughout this long dark night?
Was I really never alone?
~ L. Marcille

The  page above was painted with the some dye that had dried into the dyes cups from the last silk painting I did a few months ago. I was cleaning up the studio and couldn't resist using these last bits of dye in my sketchbook so I added a little water and this is what appeared. 


Fly Away

This page spread for the Sketchbook Project is symbolic because the brown paper is the paper that I steam silk scarves in and the dye has bled off during steaming coloring the paper. I created this page the day I announced I was being forced to close my silk painting studio due to health issues.

Healing Quest

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