Sunday, May 29, 2016

Trees into Lumber

The log truck is coming tomorrow morning to pick up some of our logs to bring to the mill. Don spent the day cutting up and dragging out some of the logs from the trees we dropped the other day. We also have another pile of logs at the barn they will be taking to the mill. I'm still on crutches so I'm not much help but I came out to watch. Looking forward to having the pile of logs over by the barn gone to free up some of the barnyard space. 

Cutting up and sorting out the millable logs from the logs that will be chipped

This was a tall multi-trunk pine and the 2 trunks were married for a span but there is still some good millable lumber here. I'm hobbling around the site with my crutches.

I ended up climbing over that log with my crutches to see the other trees that were downed in the woods. Don was not happy with me for doing that :-)

Don hooked the logs to the van with a chain instead of the tractor because it can pull so much faster that the logs are less likely to get hung up. 

Pulling one of the logs with a chain and the van

Moving the logs out of the way so he can pull another one

Don taking a well deserved break

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