Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Goat Barn Floor. Plus Flowers!

Despite my fall and spending the entire day at the ER Monday there has been some progress on the goat barn. Unfortunately I'm on crutches and off my feet for a while so I am out of the picture for a bit and that makes me sad.  Yesterday Don took the day off of work so he could help me with daily needs. While I was resting he and his helper Keith shiplapped the floor boards and got them nailed down. Now that the floor is laid out you can really get the sense of the size better now. I haven't seen it in person yet but I cant wait to get back out there.

 Keith took a photo of Don shiplapping the floor boards

The floor is done, now it's time to start on the walls. That is always my favorite part. 

Today is my first day alone since I fell and it's a bit challenging with the crutches. My ankle is continuing to swell so I really need to keep it up and iced. I have a follow up appointment with a Dr tomorrow and they are going to make a referral for physical therapy. I was feeling a bit lonely and depressed today when a delivery of flowers arrived. They were flowers that my 3 Stepdaughters ordered for me around Mother's day but they never arrived. Well today was perfect timing as I was feeling quite sad.

Here is the little nook that Don set up for me in the living room until I can climb the stairs again. Nice to be able to look out the window and be in the sunshine. 

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