Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Everything Was Going Fine, Until it Wasn't (ER Visit)

 It started out as a beautiful day and we had planned to get the floor down in the goat barn.

A tree company owed us some work so they came in the morning and were taking down some large pines and some oaks that were in the way where we wanted to build the chicken coop. The logger that is going to clear the goat pastures can't make it until June and those trees were really holding us up for building the chicken coop so we were grateful to have them taken down at no cost. 

I felt kind of sad to see the large pines go so I whispered a prayer of gratitude to them

Just as they were about to take down the largest pine with a few twisted trunks it was time to take the 3 small dogs to the vet for their checkup. 

After their check up, on our way out of the Vets office Nikko got away from us and was running towards busy Rte 5. I was terrified he would get hurt so I took off after him and fell badly, all my weight folding over on my ankle to miss landing on the smallest dog, Toshi. 

We had to bring the dogs back home before we could go to the ER. When we got to our house the tree crew had the road blocked off and we had to ask them to move their equipment. I had already blacked out twice in the car and was having trouble cognitively. Don was wondering how hard I hit my head. We headed down to the ER and everything went black again and I was in this semi aware state. When I opened my eyes I could not longer see. Everything was just bright white light. At that point I felt very confused, and very nauseated. 
Yay! Not Broken.
After spending the rest of the day in the ER, having x-rays and an EKG we found out that it was a nasty sprain but I did not break my ankle again. Yay!!! That was awesome news. They felt the vision problems and fainting were caused by a vasovagal syncope episode. So off I went with a wrapped ankle (it was too swollen for an air cast), crutches and instructions to not bear weight on the ankle and to keep it elevated for a few days. Then they want me to follow up with my PCP for a referral to PT.  

Don put the guest bed in the LR since I couldn't climb the stairs. Niko, the pup that started this by running off at the Vets office, slept  with me in the living room bed and was very clingy and nervous all night. He knew things were not right. 

Needless to say not a stitch of work got done on the goat barn so Don took the day off today to be here for me and to work on the barn. 


  1. I have those spells when I injure myself. It's very scary, and has happened to me several times. Take good care.

    1. Sorry to hear this happens to you as well Southern Vermont Artist! It really is scary and dangerous. Now at least I know to try and get myself seated and not to drive! Have you found that it gets worse over time? That seems to be what is happening to me.

  2. Really enjoying your blog. Hope you heal quickly