Friday, February 24, 2012

Spontanious Art Cloth, Shibori...sort of

After I did my daily collage yesterday as a warm up/creative meditation I took some silk scraps I had stuffed in a drawer and started building some layers in the manner of complex cloth. I wanted it to be very spontaneous, which is the total opposite of how I work when creating my silk paintings. No reading directions, following patterns or premixing dyes, I just wanted to "have at it" and see what happened. I started with some pole wrapping with elastic bands and built a few very subtle background layers on top of that. The last layer of the day was accomplished by just scrunching pleated fabric into an organic blob with rubber bands.
Each piece of cloth has approximately 2 to 4 very light background layers on it which I plan to continue building upon and then discharging. The best part is letting go of any attachment to outcome and just playing with it. None of the stress that comes with the paintings I produce to sell in galleries. Very freeing and stress relieving.
Pole wrapped silk with layer 2 added

Unwrapping silk

2 background layers so far
Peaches and that a face with a beak :-)

Adding layer 3

3 background layers so far
I like the wavy border

Unwrapping the second piece of spontaneous art cloth

First layer. I love the border

Bundled up and ready to add layer 2

Gaining some depth

I think there were 3 layers at this point

Don and I thought this creature looked like a praying mantis

The experimental pieces hanging on the line awaiting more layers. The Peach, blue brown one has four layers in this photo.

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