Sunday, February 12, 2012 Made an Error That Cost Me My Website Domain Name!

I am having the worst morning. I was using to host my website and I had transferred my domain name registration to them last year. I just found out that never properly transferred my domain name even thought the told me they did register it and that it had gone through.  Bottom line is they screwed up the transfer and my web name has expired. When I called them all they said was "The technician made an error, we don't know what happened. There is nothing we can do." 
Now I am trying to reach the company that I had it registered with previously to see if I can get it back. This is a nightmare. I have had that name since the 1990's and it is linked to EVERYTHING related to my business. Use extreme caution if you decide to use Fat Cow as your web hosting service or domain name registry!!!!


  1. Is your site just in limbo? You haven't lost content, I hope! I had tried to go to it earlier. nought I'd typed in wrong. so glad I bookmarked your blog.

    1. Hi Jerri-Ann, I just lost the name at the moment, not the content.