Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Awesome Studio Reorganization & My Day 3 Collage

My studio had gotten really disorganized and cluttered. It was really cramping my brain every time I went in there to work and I felt like I had no room for anything or enough space to put things away. Thankfully my hubby is a master at organizing things I asked him to help me sort it all out and make it function better. Here are the before and after shots.

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BEFORE: My drawing area

BEFORE: Shelves and storage bins blocked by items on the floor

BEFORE: Shelves are over loaded & disorganized

BEFORE: Clutter everywhere

BEFORE: Counters covered with stuff

BEFORE: Ok overwhelmed! Time to call in my master organizer Hubby.....Don Heeeeelp!!!!!

AFTER: Cleared up all the junk off the floor

AFTER: Drawing area decluttered & sewing machine is off the floor

AFTER: Hubby working on matting a painting for me

AFTER: No junk on the floor in front of the storage drawers

AFTER: Shelves are all organized and lightened up

AFTER: Silk racks all hung on the wall with care

AFTER: Don't ya just want to come on in and create something :-)

AFTER: Counter cleared off, dyes and resists organized

AFTER: Free access to my storage bins with all the stuff off the floor

AFTER: And best of all he finally made me DOORS for my cabintes!!!!! Whooo Hoo!!! 

AFTER: Loving those cabinet doors

AFTER: Look how tidy the counters are!

Sun is pouring in, hot tub is humming away on the deck...time to head out for a soak but first I will post my day 3 collage below
Well today was day 3 so here is collage 3. See ya tomorrow!

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  1. Wohoooo- now its all neat and tidy, with space to work and create! Enjoy it- Kaaren