Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Chickens First Day Outside!

We FINALLY finished the chicken run today, well almost, we just have some more wire to put on the top to protect them from hawks. It was brutally hot working on the run so we took breaks to swim in the pool and cool down. In the end it was worth it though because it was the girls first day out of the coop and watching them scratch, explore and stretch their wings was awesome.

Hanging with the girls, later in the day, while they explore their new surroundings.The  Black Australorp in my lap is so darn friendly.

 In the morning I was stapling the cleats onto the ramp to give the chickens better footing. It is a long steep ramp. 

 We had started out with just the board on the left but I wanted it wider since it was so high off the ground at the top. That is why that side has double cleats.

They tore down a cinderblock garage next door and we got some of the salvaged hemlock and a ton of cinderblocks to use as fill (More on that in tomorrows blog post). We used the hemlock as cross beams and uprights to support the chicken wire roof on the run.

 Support system for the chicken wire roof that will protect the pullets from hawks. 

As you can see by the sweat on Don's back it was HOT working in the sun today. 

Their first steps out into the great outdoors. First on the narrow ramp and then on the improved wider ramp below.

 It took a while before they were all brave enough to come out. 

 Chatting with my girls

This Black Australorp is so darn friendly. She always wants to be in your lap. 

 Don chatting with the girls

 I even made them a chicken swing and Don tried to get one of them to try it out. 

I loved seeing them all outside

Cooling off in the pool afterwards was heavenly!

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