Saturday, July 23, 2016

Chicken Rush Hour & Fancy Pool Steps

Below is a short video of the girls being let out of the coop this morning. We slept late this morning and they were all itching to get out!

I forgot if I posted photos of their finished run so I will post a couple here. The plan was to let them free range outside of the enclosure during the day as soon as they got used to coming back in to the coop at night. Well they put themselves to bed in the coop like clockwork every night but I am afraid to let them out of the enclosure during the day because of some local dogs that are occasionally allowed to run free in our area. It would break my heart of they were attacked by a dog. 

My legs still are not strong enough to easily use the cheap ladder that came with the pool so we bought upgraded steps that go into the pool and Don put them together today. It's never as simple as you think it's going to be LOL.

 Yup, sweetie, you are my super hero!

 Each side panel needs to be filled with 20 pounds of sand to weight the steps down in the pool

Below is a video of Don putting the steps loaded with 40 pounds of sand in the pool. Ya gotta love when I ask him "Is it heavy?" 

Really happy to see this flimsy, cheap ladder that came with the pool go!

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